In den beginne was er een Instagram account

Today six years ago or 2075 pictures ago I started this Instagram account. If you would view all the pictures you could see my process of becoming me. It was a tough road but also a fun one. Filled with love and remarkable moments. Extraordinary people with great minds and an open view have past and some of them have stayed. •

Today one year ago a girl and her father came walking in a bar with a box full of kittens. I know it sounds like the start of a joke. Well the joke is on me. The girl gave me the two kittens who were destined to be with me. They totally stole my heart and made my life richer in so many ways. I am grateful and happy for having Lucious & Luna in my life. I am even more grateful for the girl who’s heart was big enough to give them to me. Lobi ❤

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Help! Ik voel mij overweldigd

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the world. Sometimes it’s my world, my thoughts, my dreams and ambitions overwhelming me. Other times it’s the expectations and demands from the outside world overwhelming me. But what happens to me when I get overwhelmed? I freeze. Nothing gets done anymore. I loose my focus, can’t remember things and get really cranky because the rest of the world seems to have it all figured out. It are these moments I’m glad I have people around me that act like a mentor to me. Who I can talk to, who give me advise, help me prioritise but most of all listens to me and asks me (the right) questions. I believe we all need someone like that. A person who has seen and done most of the things already and can give you the insights you need, a mentor. *
Do you have a mentor or coach? A person outside your daily crowd that you can turn to? If not, who could be that person to you? Could you be that person for someone else?

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